The Pozzoni Group, leader in the graphic arts in Italy and one of the most important in Europe, was born on the 20th August 1913 and named “Fratelli Pozzoni”.
The Group, still led with passion from the Pozzoni Family, works with a team of 1.400 employees in 12 sites of production. Pozzoni’s customers mainly belong to publishing, bank and manufacturing industry.
Here is a list of the firms who are part of the Pozzoni Group:
POZZONI S.p.A. who is on the market with different trademarks: FRATELLI POZZONI, POZZONI ETICHETTE, CAPRIOLO VENTURINI and FORM.
ELCOGRAF S.p.A. whose market is mostly related to magazines, catalogues and leaflets in Rotooffset and weboffset and books.
ADDA OFFICINE GRAFICHE S.p.A. which is completely dedicated to the pre-press
PDM Pozzoni Direct Marketing S.r.l. whose business is dedicated to mailing campaigns for public organizations (Charity, Fund Raising).
The Pozzoni Group can satisfy most of the demands of the typographical market offering a range of product like: magazines, black and white or illustrated books, continuous forms, sheet fed offset printing, self adhesive labels, business communication, black/white of full color transactional documents, management variable data, direct marketing, warehouse and caveau management from an e.procurement platform.
The technical potentialities, always updated, are a guarantee for high quality in all products that Pozzoni produces.
Punctuality, clarity of quotations and availability to help the Customer also in case of urgent and sudden orders have made Pozzoni a point of reference, where speediness of production becomes first of all competitiveness.
Our aim is to be a reference point for the clientele in any case of urgent need of printing.
Synergies among the different sites of the group give us the possibility to answer to all the enquiries in an effective, responsive and competitive way, in every different operative area, always ensuring great flexibility, high productive capacity and high quality of the product.